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Oview is the consultancy part of Sapient SEE, which is meant to support organizations in Knowledge coordination and with environmental & social  aspects of their work. The main focus at the momentis to support small businesses with the accumulation of know-how and expertise and the retention and transfer of this knowledge, spreading it to where it is necessary within the organisation and giving possibility for extensive feedback and therefore consecutive possibility for improvements. Oview advises and builds the tools necessary for better knowledge coordination in organizations, therefore allowing them to be more efficient and resilient.



Our ambition is to help organizations in more aspects than just knowledge coordination. We are researching and preparing frameworks to support democratization and sustainability efforts within companies. Our comprehensive, research-based approaches will allow you to use concrete tools to make changes that get absorbed in the company culture leading you to have a better impact on people, within and outside of your organisation, and better preserve the environment and the planet, for future generations to come.


In short, we can help you with many organizational challenges you might be facing: training process, meetings structure, information sharing, accountability enhancing and so on. We rely on open discussions with the actors involved to get the information we need so as to suggest the best tool/s for your organization. Do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a first meeting and talk about the challenges Oview could help you solve.

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Feel free to contact us at see@sapientsee.com to schedule an interview in order to assess your organisation's needs or just to have a chat about Oview if you want to understand more!
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