Scholars United for a Sustainable Amsterdam (SUSA)

Geplaatst op 25 maart 2021, 15:33 uur

The project Scholars United for a Sustainable Amsterdam (SUSA) introduces a bottom-up and radically interdisciplinary method, resulting in a one-day conference at the end of 2021. The project aims to engage Amsterdam academics in the five-year circular economy (Doughnut) strategy that was adopted by the Amsterdam City Council in April 2020. The project starts with a ‘Call for Stories from the City’ launched in April 2021, collecting stories from citizens, companies and public organisations in Amsterdam. These stories will form the basis of discussions between academics and Amsterdam citizens. Do you have a story or a problem relating to the Doughnut economy that you want to share with an interdisciplinary group of academics? Let us know! 

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By engaging academics in the local problems in the implementation of the Doughnut model, we hope to contribute to the Amsterdam Doughnut strategy on a more systemic level. The stories that are collected in the project and the results of our discussions will be presented at the website of the Amsterdam Donut Coalition.
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