Moving Amsterdam's clothing to the Doughnut

Geplaatst op 31 augustus 2020, 14:26 uur

We (Fashion Research and Technology, AUAS/HvA) are writing a research proposal to understand how we can move the city's clothing to the Doughnut. That means limiting the consumption of new clothing in the city and promoting basic living conditions for everyone involved in its production and distribution. The initial questions include: 

1. The outer ring of the Doughnut (main focus on citizens). What strategies can reduce clothing demand in the city, so that planetary boundaries are respected? How can companies facilitate this shift in consumer behavior?

2: The inner ring of the Doughnut (main focus on companies). How can local companies ensure that the basic needs of everyone involved in the clothing chain are covered, so that social boundaries are respected? How can consumers facilitate this shift in business practices?

3: How can the City support this process? What policy tools can enable and link the actions above?

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The first step to apply for research funding and exploring these questions is to put together a highly motivated consortium of partners (private and public organisations, regardless of their size). Interested? Please contact us.

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Irene Maldini


Our initiative to lead a research project entitled "Moving Amsterdam's clothing to the Doughnut" did not suceed yet unfortunately, but we are working on relevant proposals together with others, with the Coalition as a cooperating partner.  This month, we are submitting the following research pre-pro...

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