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Geplaatst op 15 oktober 2020, 11:39 uur

Welcome to the 100procent(y)ourcityhotel; a cooperative circular-sustainable, neighbourhood friendly city hotel – The new face of tourism. We love the magic of travel. The sensation when you no longer feel you’re a tourist but part of the place you’re visiting, even if it’s for a short while. Simultaneously experiencing life in a new place while also learning about yourself and your culture through others. It’s our ambition to create the right environment so that you can experience that sensation, and feel at home in our community. Meet the locals and take part in one of a kind community-based activities. Get introduced to the new generation artists and designers who are working with us to create an outstanding place. Or go explore on your own and tell us how you’ve experienced our local treasures. Are you yourself working on a sustainable tourism initiative? Or do you have a great idea you wish to share with a larger community? Then it’s you we’re looking for! We think the world needs people from various sectors to rethink and design a new model of tourism that better reflects the world we live in, and want to see. So we’re building a community to share the many beautiful initiatives and ideas that are emerging around the world. So please share your ideas, experiences and dreams with us. We’ll be happy to connect you with our growing community of changemakers.

Gewenst resultaat Realisatie van het eerste hotel en daarmee een start van het nieuwe reizen en verblijven in de stad. Daarna een ecosysteem ontwikkelen in meerdere steden en landen
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