Healthy & Affordable

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We are a food surplus project, which aims at collecting fruit and vegetables that would otherwise be thrown away from the markets in Amsterdam. Our main objective is to give those products a new life as we strive to combat food waste in the area. How do we do so? We normally get the products, and then dehydrate them! We currently offer mostly dried fruit and nuts and any imaginable vegetable or fruit powder with which to cook, but we are currently working on a set of new products which will be even healthier and tastier than the ones currently offered!


Healthy and Affordable is one of the many projects of Sapient Social & Environmental Enterprises, which share the common thread of aspiring to improve the world!

Jongeren, 11-22 jaar, Volwassenen, Senioren
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Our main objectives are to save as much food as possible and to raise awareness. Inevitably, to do so efficiently, we have to increase in size and multiply our sales as this would give us the chance to then save even more food and reach out to even more people.
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