Victoria Tully

Onderzoeker, Circular Economy Consultant for SMEs
Wie is Victoria?

I am a freelance research and sustainability consultant working to make a change in the world through empowering Small and Medium size businesses to transition to the a circular economy while looking to increase social equity throughout the transition. 

Mijn werk en hobbies

I work 100% remote (based in Rotterdam), but with projects in Amsterdam as a research and sustainability consultant. I enjoy hiking and being in nature, pole dancing and discovering new foods. 

Mijn omgeving

I would love to see more sustainable practices where I live, including things such as compositing sites and locally available produce. Further seeing things such as increase awareness of circular businesses within my community and for those to become the norm. 

Mijn expertise

I work as a researcher on the social side of projects, in that I help to pull qualitative and quantitative data to best help organisations/businesses understand where they are currently positioned and co-collabrate with sector experts to establish recommendations and best steps forward, with me focusing on recommendations around social components to implement in a company. 

Mijn mogelijkheden

Research Anaylst to establish initial analysis of current needs/standing of business (based off what the business desires to achieve)

Project Design/Implementation - where by based off analysis provide recommendations/solutions for businesses to transition to more circular methods

Relevante ervaring

Worked as a RA on M&E projects focused in circular economy and social equity (including with Laudes Foundation) 

Created GESI analysis to better help businesses understand current situations to best design their projects (this includes a Gender analysis for Climate Fund Managers)

Provided training for businesses with the use of business simulations for companies to best understand practical ways to incorporate the 3-Ps and Circular methods into their organsiations (such as co-training in the Master Class for TMC)

Wrote up policy documents around People and Values for Circular Clarity to ensure social components were incorporated into daily business practices