Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropoliton Solutions


AMS Institute is an international institute where talent is educated and engineers, designers, and both natural and social scientist jointly develop and valorize integrated urban solutions. Our mission is to develop a deep understanding of the city – sense the city – and design solutions for its challenges, and integrate these into the city of Amsterdam.

Focusing on urban themes such as water, energy, waste, food, data and mobility, we go beyond developing a deep understanding of cities by initiating and facilitating research projects that connect different parties, create practical solutions, businesses activity and workable plans.
Varying from massive applied research like Roboat (budget: €25 million) to smaller initiatives as the Healthy Urban Route Planner (budget: €50.000) AMS Institute is involved in over 40 projects that focus on securing a vital, circular and connected city. Now and in the future.

AMS Institute is a public-private institute founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Wageningen University & Research and Delft University of Technology. The City of Amsterdam is in full support of the institute. 

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