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Project Drawdown is a living research and communications organization that maps, models, and describes the potential of solutions to achieve drawdown, the point in time when atmospheric concentrations begin to decline on a year-to-year basis. It is a collaborative effort of researchers, policymakers, businesses, thought leaders, and organizations worldwide creating a model to enable action and implementation through rigorous, data-driven tools designed to meaningful and useful to on-the-ground decision makers. Our common mission is to do our part in solving global warming by enabling a new, regenerative ‘business-as-usual’ that has cascading benefits to human well-being in concert with nature, while training the next generation of global citizens and thought-leaders. 

Drawdown Europe exists as an independent but interconnected effort. This initiative serves as an objective, independent European platform and community bringing together partners working on solutions-orientated research and actions. The partners of our association carry out this vision through collective impact by contributing to a drawdown “living” research program. 

To ensure models and assessments remain meaningful and useful to current and future audiences, all data on climate solutions is continually monitored, refreshed, and updated when better data arises. Left as a static collection of information, models will be archived, and books shelved because new data is constantly being generated as solutions continue to scale across the globe.  

A living research program means making solutions relevant at scale. Global systems models are turned into regional facilities for on-the-ground decision-making. The variability of biophysical and socioeconomic conditions, as well as cultural, educational and political realities, across scales means that the application of technologies, practices, and policies are best informed by local and regional contexts. Partners participating in the association will evaluate Drawdown solutions within different contexts, e.g. at municipal, state, regional or sectoral scales. Additional research will done to incorporate accelerators and enablers of adoption, considering context-specific data, and map results to social, economic, and ecological indicators most relevant to decision-makers at scale. 

Turning research into action ensures that it remains living and useful. We are developing and maintain a suite of open-source tools for partners and decision-makers at different levels agency to use drawdown-related research and analyses in increasingly meaningful ways. New research, data, and models will be incorporated into an integrated, easy-to-use, open source software application that can be used not only for continued research, but also for policy creation, financial investment, business development, land use, urban planning, and individual decisions at scale. All tools will be made freely available, open-sourced, and fully documented for replication and development.

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