Explore Amsterdams Green Spaces ON BIKE - part of Mother Earth Festival

zondag 21 april 2024 , 14:00 - 16:00 uur

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Connecting people to Nature and better understanding of exponential power of Nature and people to be the CLimate Solution!

Event: Exploring Amsterdams Green Spaces ON BIKE!
Description: Let’s ride through Amsterdams more forgotten green spaces. We’ll explore floating flowerbeds, a secret garden and some of Jasper's own green creations. 

So grab a bike and let’s get inspired together!

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Jasper Reihm - Website: or  Gardening Tips  Cooking Hacks  Weird Plant Stuff  Join the Green Revolution 

Grant Holton ( or

Grant Holton is active in Connecting Communities, using Nature Nurseries and scaling up Tree planting, biodiversity and ecological green projects  with volunteers and empowered citizens. MeerbomenNU ( started in Hoofddorp, has gone national in NL, DE, pilots in UK. Ireland, Belgium and next winter in France. Meergroen 

Jasper Riehm:   Gardening Tips  Cooking Hacks  Weird Plant Stuff  Join the Green Revolution 

We will give a  8-10 min presentation together beforehand to introduce the concept  and what we do.then 80 mins bike ride & ecological tour of some cool spots near Tolhuis and then to and from Westerpark back to Tolhuis. People can hire bikes from Central station if they need one. 

we distribute over 90.000 trees & saplings in Amsterdam region from Hoofddorp every winter.. Summer Meergroen activities for all ecowarriors!
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Grant Holton

wo 17 april 2024 12:51
@rosa please check this out!