Achterhoek donut festival

donderdag 8 juni 2023 , 10:00 - 22:00 uur

The first edition of the Donut festival will take place on 8 June 2023 in Beltrum (Achterhoek) in the Toltuin. It's a festival for people from 10 to 99, or so. The philosophy behind Doughnut Economics is deeply rooted in the festival. You've never had heard of Doughnut economics? It's totally fine.

We show that it is possible to create a society that is healthy is for people and for the earth. We explore together, and we keep experimenting, even after the festival.
Based on the doughnut model, the current situation how we perform is measured through the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), shown by

The festival
The Donut Festival offers space for idealists and doers, family businesses, freelancers, organizations and new business forms. In the first edition, the focus lies on the Achterhoek (our region, without a fence around). We excite, give food for thought (or imitation) and the will look for some friction ... because, without attrition no shine, as the Dutch say!
Details that reflect the philosophy, illustrate this festival:


For the accessibility of the location we are committed to sustainable transport.
The catering becomes one sustainable experience.
Our ambition is: no waste.

What do we offer?
Meet doers, those follow their dreams, enjoy an anything but dull program, at this beautiful location, the Toltuin in Belrum.

The Donut festival shows pioneers and opportunities, ways to a newly balanced society, in which a healthy, responsible economy is embedded.

And what more can you expect?

We present experts and insight hunters based on themes and propositions. We break down walls, make new connections, working on crossovers.

There's theater and music, slow dating and a business fair.

Surely, you leave with at least one concrete point on your to-do, you can't wait to start with.

After the festival, we can find each other in our community, talking out about progress,  inspiration, support each other, celebrate the successes together… and also learning moments.

What do we ask from you?
That you fancy a nice, meaningful day at the festival. Your way; and that you (if you want) join afterwards at our Donut Circle. That you come, that you take people along, spreads the word. And, hopefully, you get inspired about doughnut economics, a new form of
coexistence and economy.

If it's not fun, it's not sustainable.
The Donut festival is looking for you, change maker! 
You are looking for a healthy, responsible economy, embedded in society. You want to help determine HOW the world turns. And/or know want to know what else can be done. Especially for you, we organise a festival where people & dreams meet and where
we experience together that these new forms ARE already there.

Passion makes the world go round.
We need new ways. We claim our influence on turnings of our beloved earth, together we determine HOW the world will turn.

Toltuin, Schuurmansweg 3A
Beltrum (Berkelland), Nederland
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