Neighbourhood Doughnut Digital Launch

woensdag 7 december 2022 , 12:00 uur

Following over 3 years of taking the ideas of Doughnut Economics off the page with neighbours, researchers, partners and visionaries, and an in person launch and celebration Thursday 27th - Saturday 29th October 2022, join us on Wednesday 7th December for the Digital Launch of the first ever Neighbourhood Doughnut Portrait in Ladywood, Birmingham.


Together we invite you to explore the data, stories and methodologies emerging from the Neighbourhood Doughnut work thus far at this immersive online celebration. Here you will find speakers and performances, installations, sessions to learn together, fun virtual booths to explore, and more. There will be lots to discover and add to through the day, whether you can join us for the whole time or for more focused sessions; whether you are logging in from near or far.


Are you a passionate or curious neighbour; a fellow believer in a new economy; someone already working to usher in socially and ecologically thriving neighbourhoods; someone who wants to; someone who wants to find out what lies behind the doughnut portrait; or someone ready to invest in next steps? If you want to learn together, hear stories and pick up tools from the journey so far and celebrate our first three years together, you will be right at home. We’d love to have you with us at what we know is going to be a special moment to give thanks and look forward together.

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