See You On The Street

Geplaatst op 20 april 2020, 16:35 uur

See you on the street, a Digital Climate Parade, is a platform that celebrates the phenomena of taking to the streets to demand climate justice by combining digital and physical activism.

The webspace takes visual content of recent instances of climate protests from Instagram and compiles them into one ‘digital demonstration’.

An exhibition of sorts, See you on the streets is also a tool to sort and filter the images by a variety of metrics such as movement, engagement levels, date, hashtags, or a combination of several.

In providing such an instrument, users can not only explore our data, but also arrange it in different ways and create multiple storylines.

Climate movements are becoming increasingly important in the environmental debate. By adding on to the current narrative spun by scientists, policymakers, and politicians, an understanding of the communication of these movements is valuable for individuals to form their own, well-rounded opinions on the climate change discussion.

The website, now in the prototype stage, is in continuous development. The mission is to transform it into a product, capable of working on real-time data, to offer users additional research and knowledge tools. A digital product and a research tool, a bridge between Academic Research and Journalism.


About the project

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