Eduardo Veciana

Wie is Eduardo?

I am currently living in The Hague and studying Governance Economics and Development at Leiden University College.

Mijn werk en hobbies

I am a student and work part-time, but I aspire to work in Political Economic Research. I first intend to do a Master's or get some experience working in companies that are aimed to create value through community practices, sustainability, or p2p platforms. 

I am in love with movement, any type; enjoy reading, listening to and playing music; and being in nature.


Mijn omgeving

There is a lot of nature and calm spaces to escape from the city chaos. I live near Den Haag central and having a huge park next to it, feeling safe outside, having access to basic services puts me in a privileged position.

I wish there were more local businesses near the center of the Hague and more association between people in the neighborhood.

Mijn droom

I expected it to be very practical, especially for me as an international student, since I had accommodation within the university and in the center of The Hague with many facilities nearby. However, I wish I could have some contact with people in the neighborhood as I expected to get more in touch with the Dutch culture. So obtaining more information on local activities, volunteering, would be a great solution for me and other students.

Mijn expertise

I have knowledge in working in groups, organizing activities, such as the LUC debating committee I am currently running. 

Mijn mogelijkheden

I see my role as a connection between universities and community projects. It could be useful to gather volunteers, organize events, inform or promote. 

Relevante ervaring

Organizing a debate committee (LUC ResPublica)

Participating in group projects to provide information (